FAQ and Install instructions- VyprVPN Linux CLI

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You have made a great package and solution for vypr on my ubuntu servers. Been looking for something like this a long time, finally something that works without hassel. Im running vyprvpn -c on boot, and it connects every time.

Are there anyway I can check status and uptime from CLI ? I am using “curl -s checkip.dyndns.org | sed -e ‘s/.Current IP Address: //’ -e 's/<.$//’” to check my ip, and of course “ifconfig”. But wondering if there is something else I can use ?

Thanks in advance.

Just create a tarball for Linux. We all can package it for our respective distrobutions…

Not working with Ubuntu 15.04. Can someone take a look at that? It works with 14.10 and there can’t be that much of a difference. I just get “Login Failed!”, immediately after attempting login.

Hello @mfaine,

I am sorry to hear that you are seeing an authentication issue at this time, we have someone contact you directly via email to determine if this is an account or service related issue.

Thank you for reaching out!

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@mfaine, Can you run the following commands in terminal for me?

service vyprvpn restart
service vyprvpn status
vyprvpn login

If you encounter any errors, please let me know what they are. Our dev team is looking into this presently. Thank you!

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@nick ,

I’ve been working on this a bit more and installing and removing the package causes the following message:

Preparing to unpack vyprvpn-linux-cli-0.0.1-55.amd64.deb …
Unpacking vyprvpn (0.0.1-55) …
Setting up vyprvpn (0.0.1-55) …
start: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused
dpkg: error processing package vyprvpn (–install):
subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1
Processing triggers for ureadahead (0.100.0-19) …
Processing triggers for systemd (219-7ubuntu4) …
Errors were encountered while processing:

To get around this I used this process: https://www.nesono.com/node/368 (be sure to read the comments)

However, after purging openvpn and reinstalling it, and after purging vyprvpn, openvpn connections directly from network manager work just fine. I can’t seem to get the vyprvpn package to install though, I get the message above and working around it with the process in the link above will get it installed but is probably why it wasn’t working in the first place.

@mfaine Thank you for the update.

I will pass along your findings to our dev team here for further investigation. In the meantime, I would recommend connecting via the network manager setup for OpenVPN.

Stay tuned!

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@nick Thank you! I will.


Thanks very much for bringing this issue to our attention. The information that you provided is really helpful. As you pointed out, the vyprvpn cli installation is failing when executing the post-install script from our package. The contents of the post-install script are pretty straightforward: start vyprvpn.

I tried to reproduce this issue on a 15.04 vm but unfortunately was not able to - the package installed fine and the vyprvpn service was started without any problems. So I researched the error message that you provided. It looks like a few other third-party apps have experienced this same issue with their packages on 15.04. One of the bigger changes in 15.04 apparently is the change from using upstart to systemd. systemd is supposed to be backwards-compatible with upstart, meaning that the start vyprvpn command should have been able to start the vyprvpn service. However it appears that in certain cases these upstart commands are not being correctly handled.

Currently our vyprvpn cli package is only supported for 14.04, so for now, we’re going to wait and see if this issue is corrected in a newer build of 15.04. If not, we’ll have to put a workaround in our package, to start the vyprvpn service with an alternate command on 15.04.

Anyway thanks very much for letting us know, that’s a great heads up for us, and sorry that you are having to use a workaround on 15.04.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or input.


i use vyprvpn in a terminal, i have enter my username and my password and then i got this message : Login result: 401: Not authorized

I’m afraid I don’t show an account under your forum profile email address. Please contact Golden Frog support with the email address linked to your Golden Frog account so that we may research this issue properly.

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It doesn’t work on my 15.04 install either. Definitely seems to be caused by the upstart to systemd move (https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2015-March/001130.html, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers). You can work around the inability to install the package by temporarily creating start and stop as links to /bin/true somewhere earlier in the path, but it’s necessary to start /usr/sbin/vyprvpn_service manually (and maybe /usr/sbin/vyprvpn_chameleon ?). Otherwise the only error is a failure to accept login credentials.

Alternatively when starting your machine you can choose to use upstart instead of systemd in the advanced options on the grub bootloader.

Would be great to have a proper fix for this. Like it or not systemd appears to be coming to stay. If I get chance I’ll see if I can create a systemd unit and post back here.

I extracted the .deb and tried to login (using Fedora 21). Sadly I get login failed. 100% the credentials are correct.

Hey @bits3rpent,

I see that you are trying to access our VyprVPN CLI service on a Fedora 21 system.

There are of course many reasons that you could be experiencing this error, and unfortunately in the CLI’s current iteration, we do not have more verbose error reporting. Just as a preliminary measure, can you attempt to establish a connection manually via Network Manager using the instructions in the link below (these instructions are also for Ubuntu, so adjustments will need to be made):


Also, please keep in mind that we have only tested this application on Debian bases distro’s such as Mint and Ubuntu. I hope that our Community can assist you further with VyprVPN CLI on Fedora 21.

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I got “Login failed!” when i try to use it in Ubuntu with CLI “vyprvpn login”
I’m sure my username and password is right.
can you help me?

Hello @pyunqi ,

I’ve started a support ticket for you and sent an email. We would be glad to investigate that problem via email ticket.

Please reply back to the email with the requested details and we will get back as soon as we have had time to review that.


similar to the other forum members I have downloaded the 64 bit CLI version and installed on my Linux Mint 64 bit version. After running the command lines:

Enter command: vyprvpn login
Enter username
Enter password
Error appears - “Login result: 500:”

I am sure that it is not a password error and internet connection is established.

I am located in China, I thought that maybe I have to change my DNS ?

Looking forward to your help.


Hello Johnathan,

In order to address this concern, we ask that you please attempt the following:

Are you able to successfully login to the Golden Frog Control Panel using your current login credentials?

If so, have you attempted any other means of connectivity on the following device?
Additionally, what occurs when attempting to reach the following URL? (https://api.goldenfrog.com/ping)

Please let us know of your results.

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Dear Jordan,

First of all, yes I can login to my current admin on the Golden Frog website. Moreover, on my Linux I am using a virtual machine (Oracle Virtual Box) and running Windows 7 as a guest. On Windows I could download the Vypr VPN software and use is perfectly.

Finally, I could not open your url: https://api.goldenfrog.com/ping
Only with VPN connected on my windows session

Looking forward to your help

Thanks in advance,