Feature Request: ‘Connection Per App’ for Android TV!!!

I really like VyprVPN and would use it on my NVIDIA Shield box were it not for the fact that there is no ‘Connection Per App’ feature. I use the VPN to access US streaming services from Australia, which works really well but means that if I want to access Australian apps then I have to constantly disconnect then reconnect which is not viable. Do you have plans to add this feature anytime soon?

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Connection per app is available on tablets and smartphones, but I’m sorry to say that it’s not yet available on VyprVPN for devices which use the Android TV version of VyprVPN, which is the version used by Nvidia Shield boxes.

Thanks for providing your feedback here on our forum!

And what about Apple TV ? Is it possible to use it there or not ? (sorry about the hijack of this topic)

Sorry, but we don’t have an app for Apple TV. In order to use VyprVPN on an Apple TV, your best bet would be to try using the VyprVPN router app. You can look into that here - https://support.goldenfrog.website/hc/en-us/articles/360005015231-VyprVPN-Router-App