Feedback: cookie or server issue?

Hi there,

seems that your has some unreported bug.

  1. The Chameleon connection was frequently/regularly cut off due to some reason, automatically.
    (local cookie expired or server issue?)
    Then, almost all the connection methods failed in my area.
  2. Logging out client then in worked, then failed soon while tried reconnecting.
  3. the Authentication process stopped itself (I watched the connection process in the app GUI) or can’t be performed automatically while connecting.
  4. I am reusing for Windows. So far… it’s good.



We are currently aware that many of our customers within xxx (in my area) are currently unable to connect with the VyprVPN app.

From your…

VyprVPN Support Team
Level 1 Representative

BTW, seems that your VyprVPN Support Team has been busy in past few days: I sent an email on Sep 15, 20:59 CDT, and got your reply on Sep 21, 07:05 CDT.

@fukyoo We do apologize for the excessive delay in response, our support teams have been overwhelmed recently and are currently getting to our users in the order in which they are received causing such delays as you have unfortunately experienced.

Due to the complexity of this issue we strongly advise you maintain contact with out support teams so we can help remedy this situation!

Thank you for your patience!