Fire stick app working yet?

It seems to have been a few years now that the app is available on amazon firestick but just refusing to connect.

I log in fine, but it then hangs on authenticating then connecting on a loop.

Is there any work around for this or is a different vpn the only way?

You can sideload and install Openvpn for Android app, download the Openvpn files and copy the server you want to the stick. Alternatively you can setup the vpn on a router, pptp for basic routers or if you have a fast gaming router you can use Openvpn. The app for Android Tv does not work, the keyboard doesn’t work. Just a few suggestions untill they get thier app together and fix the app.

Thanks for the explanation. Issues with the keyboard don’t affect every Android TV device, so sideloading our app is definitely still worth a shot. I’ll provide a direct link to the APK here -

And we plan to have VyprVPN back and working properly in the Amazon store soon!