Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What firmware and routers can the VyprVPN Router App run on?

A: The short answer is that the VyprVPN Router App currently runs on the K26RT-N or K26RT-AC versions of the Shibby compilation of Tomato firmware for MIPS routers and K26ARM for ARM routers.

The list of routers supported by Shibby can be found here:

Please note that the list includes all routers supported by Shibby. To determine which of those routers will run the VyprVPN Router App, look for the routers in that list that have “K26RT-N” “K26RT-AC” or “K26ARM” listed under the “Version” column. Only those routers installed with K26RT-N, K26RT-AC or K26ARM will run the VyprVPN Router App. Please note that routers running other versions of the Tomato firmware, such as K24 or K26, are not supported.

In addition, we recommend running on routers with a minimum of 64MB RAM. This is different from the amount of FLASH ROM memory listed on Shibby’s device page. For example the Linksys E3200 has 64MB of RAM, and the ASUS RT-N66U has 256MB of RAM.

For testing and development of the VyprVPN Router App, we are currently using the the Linksys E3200, the Asus RT-N66U and the Nightgear Nethawk R7000.

In addition, we have tested the VyprVPN Router App on a clean install of Tomato firmware (meaning that we have cleared nvram during the installation process.) Customers that have set-up a custom configuration of Tomato may experience problems when the settings of their nvram conflict with the nvram settings that the VyprVPN Router App uses.

Q: I’ve found a problem with the VyprVPN Router App. How can I get the log files and where should I send them?

A: Here’s an easy way to get the two log files we’re looking for:

You can go to the Support page and fill out the form with the issue you are experiencing and please make sure the check box for sending connection logs is clicked.

Q: My router is locked up and I can’t access the log files. How can I set up remote logging?

A: At this point, if you have tried to access the router from multiple devices and cannot, it’s clearly too late to get the current log files from off the router which show the system at the time it locked up. But you can set up remote logging to save the log files off the router in case the system locks up again. This would definitely help us in our debugging efforts!

To set up remote logging:

  1. Set up a free syslog server on your PC (there’s several, including
    Kiwi for Windows, Syslog Watcher or SysRose Syslog Desktop) or use a
    Unix-like system with syslog already on it.
  1. Configure Tomato to forward all syslog entries to your PC (or other device).
  • Goto Administration->Logging
  • Click on the “Log To Remote System” checkbox
  • Enter the IP address for the device that you are running the syslog server on
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page
  1. Wait for the problem to happen.

  2. Send us the syslog along with as precise a description as possible including when you noticed a machine not working on the network as well as the last time you know it was working.

Q: I’ve installed the VyprVPN Router App and now I’d like to remove it. How can I do that?

A: To completely remove the VyprVPN Router App, you can do this command either at the Tools -> System Commands window or from a telnet prompt:

for v in `nvram show |grep vyprvpn | cut -f 1 -d=`; do nvram unset $v; done; nvram commit
Mind the back-ticks here too.

After that runs, reboot the router. You should boot up with your Tomato install sans the VyprVPN Router App.