Good and Bad News about Vypr

I’m a new user from China, I’m now using android and win vypr, beta version. I also have Nord, Surfshark, Windscribe VPN, and Just My socks ss service.

Vypr’s speed is fastest among those VPNs, but connection always drops in some minutes.

Yesterday’s update (android beta) seems to have solved the connection dropping issue, today I have kept connection to Japan, South Korea, Chicago server for quite a long time, and the speed is well at night (it’s not so good before at this time). It’s a good news, but the issue is not completely solved, sometimes it will drop still.

Two bad news are:

  1. Beside my android 9 phone, I also have an android 6 tablet, when using the same wifi, vypr could work on my phone, but not on my tablet, because it cannot distinguish where I am, so there is no availble server for me to choose. I don’t know what the issue is related to, maybe the old android version, or maybe vypr depends on mobile data (tablet not has) to locate user’s physical location.

  2. I also use vypr on my win10 laptop, I have to complain the miserable experience of installation, it takes a long time for downloading something from vypr server. Till installation is complete, I will find a vexing vypr service usurping 5-7% of my CPU resource, even if I exit vypr, it is still there. If I manually end it up, next time when I open vypr, a prompt will tell me something wrong needs to be fixed, yes, something is the resource-eating vypr service. So at last, I uninstall vypr from my laptop, because I don’t want my CPU fan working on and on.

Hey @Zhang, We’re sorry to hear about some of the troubles you’ve been experiencing with the VyprVPN service. We’d be happy to take this opportunity to troubleshoot these issues with you. Can we have you reach out to our support team at and provide your log files. ( as well as a detailed description on what you’re experiencing. You would need to submit separate tickets for each device, but we will happily look into it for you!

I will send you the issue 1’s relating information, while the issue 2’s is difficulte to get, because I have uninstalled vypr on my laptop.

And there’s another issue emerging, 5 minutes ago, ALL THE SERVERS are dead on my android 9 phone, none of them could be pinged. What’s wrong?

___ Soon later, available servers appear again, maybe something wrong on my network.

Thanks for your reply. Our support team is looking forward to hearing from you.

Regarding the servers not showing a ping time, that is more than likely being caused by your network. Logging out and back into the VyprVPN app can sometimes help with servers not showing ping times, but if not, then the issue is usually with the network.

I have reinstalled vypr win again, and the service is still occupying lots of resources, including both CPU and Ram, so I used the vypr win sending a feedback to you with detailed description of the issue, and then uninstalled it.

And I also used my android 6 tablet sending you a feedback, also with detailed description.

Hope things will be better.

BTW, Recently Nord vpn is also banned in China like you, an engineer of Nord always asked me about how Vypr worked in China, I told him Surfshark and Windscribe performed better than Vypr (I mean stability, not speed), but it seems he just concerned about your service. Both he and I think your server list is curious, some servers appear at some time, after a few minutes or hours, they will disappear, a few time later, they will reappear again.

Anyway, I wish both you and Nord will fight against the fucking GFW successfully, so I won’t ask refund, it’s a kind of support and praise for your hard-working.

And I want to know if vypr has a telegram group for us to join in.

Hey @Zhang

No, that isn’t something that we offer. We offer either support via email or via chat which is available 24/7.