Google blocks VyprVPN DE IP adress access

I see more and more pages that block VPN IP access. Either by using obsolete and opd Spam-IP Databases like SPAMHOUSE or now totally new by blocking the access totally like GOOGLE. This dioes not go away when entering the Captcha test. Therefore VyprVPN is not usable. What do I need to do or what is Goldenfrog going to change to make this function again?

I am using a German VPN Server and get the following message when searching via Google:
Über diese Seite

Unsere Systeme haben ungewöhnlichen Datenverkehr aus Ihrem Computernetzwerk festgestellt. Diese Seite überprüft, ob die Anfragen wirklich von Ihnen und nicht von einem Robot gesendet werden. Warum?

Diese Seite wird angezeigt, wenn Google automatisch Anfragen aus Ihrem Computernetzwerk erkennt, die anscheinend gegen die Nutzungsbedingungen verstoßen. Die Sperre läuft ab, sobald diese Anfragen eingestellt werden. In der Zwischenzeit können Sie unsere Dienste weiterhin mithilfe des oben stehenden CAPTCHAs nutzen.

Dieser Datenverkehr wurde möglicherweise von bösartiger Software, einem Browser-Plug-in oder einem Skript gesendet, das automatische Anfragen verschickt. Falls Sie Ihre Netzwerkverbindung mit anderen teilen, bitten Sie Ihren Administrator um
Hilfe. Möglicherweise ist ein anderer Computer, der dieselbe IP-Adresse verwendet, für die Anfragen verantwortlich. Weitere Informationen

Eventuell werden Sie um Eingabe des CAPTCHAs gebeten, weil Sie komplexe Anfragen
verwenden, die bekanntermaßen von Robots verwendet werden, oder weil Sie sehr schnell Anfragen senden.

Uhrzeit: 2018-01-06T15:41:00Z

Hello @Wallaby,

Google explains that CAPTCHA is triggered by automated processes caused by VPN/proxy search traffic going through infected computers or devices. It also shows that there is an increase in malware being installed on computers that perform these types of automated queries.

We do not inspect our customer’s traffic as that would violate our terms of service. So if these kind of actions were preformed from a VyprVPN IP address, it is possible the IP may have become blacklisted in a sense. It is also possible that Google is an outdated IP database causing this to happen.

It is important to note that, that as we do not manage their IP database, so we cannot regulate how they implement this security feature.

Customer Support

I am not that technical but to me it looks as if the Server facing the internet is sending request to Google from all the individual VyprVPN users behind that server managing the handshake between their IP and the Goldenfrog IP. As such I would assume that the server, masking the user IP is (due to the large amount of VPN users) creating that Google security issue as Google cummulates the request fronm that IP. That has noting to do with Malvare.

For example I also have issues with IT Forums like Dr.Windows. When writing they tell me I am coming from a spammer IP. That is again the IP of VyprVpn Germany. Sure, Spamhouse has an old DB but wouldn’t it be key to a good business plan to have a process in place where such errors are corrected by GoldenFrog with any 3rd party that are causing you nd your customers problems? Do you expect us, the customers talk to Spamhouse and correct the DB?

Meanwhile I just moved to another server and all is fine. As such for me it is the VyprVpn Germany IP generating the issue. I know we are getting down a chicken-egg discussion. Maybe it is just me but I have an issue with support that is not even considering the possibility of a local issues and states “it’s not us, it’s them”.

Thank you anyway.


Thank you for your information. You are correct as the CAPTCHA is typically IP related. The CAPTCHA is a security feature to maintain the integrity of Google’s servers.

As I explained in my previous post, in almost all cases, these excessive queries are not preformed by individual users. Instead, it is malware installed on machine utilizing the VyprVPN IP that preform these automated queries on Google’s search engine.

As I also explained, we do not inspect our customer’s internet traffic as that would violate our terms of service. So, again, if these kind of actions were preformed from a VyprVPN IP address, it is possible that Google has flagged the IP address or that they are using an outdated IP database.

Unfortunately, we do not manage their IP database and cannot regulate which IP addresses they assess. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Customer Support