Google DNS in vyprvpn server settings

Hi, I am testing the vyprvpn server and got it up a running using digitalocean just fine. However, I would really like to use the VyprDNS instead of google DNS which it seems to be the defaults. On the VPN Clent area of the server admin (/#/client-config), it says “The DNS servers listed here will be provided to VPN Clients when connected to this VyprVPN Server if they have “VyprDNS” selected in their applications.” It shows the google DNS ip addresses in the fields there as defaults. & How can I change this to VyprDNS ip addresses?

The whole reason I like vypr is that they have their own proprietary DNS. I did some tests online and when connect to my digitial ocean vpn it does show google as DNS using If I switch DNS providers with the admin interface, it does update when connect to my server when testing again. So the admin UI works, I just need to point to VyprDNS addresses. When I connect using the vyprvpn client, I have it selected to use VyprDNS.

Thanks for the help.

Hello Jesse,

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At this time, we use Googles DNS by default with our VyprVPN Server. We understand that a lot of our users have a desire to have a private and secure DNS like our VyprDNS.

We are considering making this feature available for our server users in a future release. Additionally we have set up a page on our help center support page that provides steps to alter the DNS settings.

If you have any further questions or need any additional assistance please let our support team know. You can contact us directly at or by visiting our website and contacting a live chat support agent.

Golden Frog Support

Ok thanks so much, yes that would be a great feature down the road to us VyprDNS.