How could I use plugin like autoswitchproxy with VyprVPN

Hello guys,

I am new here from China and I used shadowsocks before which could cooperate with autoswitchproxy plugin in Chrome or Firefox to filter my request with a blacklist. If I goto normal website like, it will be connected directly without VPN, but if I goto, it will go through VPN. This kind of proxy is helpful for me.

Could anyone give some suggestions with VyprVPN.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, @Mark2345

We currently do not have such a feature. However, we do have the connection per app feature, which will allow you to only run specific applications through the VPN. For example, you could have a Chrome browser running through the VPN to access all of the geo-restricted sites you would like, and you could disable Firefox from using the VPN so that you can still access China-only content.

I hope this helps!

Golden Frog Technical Support

Hello @Logan,

It’s brilliant! But where could I find the guidance because I couldn’t find that in setting.



Sorry for the confusion, but actually the per-app feature would only be available when using the MacOS app and the Android app. I don’t have an ETA on that feature for Windows, but it should get implemented in a future update, so stay tuned!

Do appreciate! And hopefully it will be implemented very soon.