How do I connect the VPN to my PS4

Hi there, I recently moved to college and our wifi blocks us from playing certain games online. Will this allow me to play those games?

Hello @Sarge915

Sorry to hear about your trouble with that. Currently PS4 isn’t supported. You will find a list of supported devices here.

Normally I would say to try using the VyprVPN Router application but that requires you to have access to the router to setup. Just in case you do have access to a router, you can find the hardware requirements as well as setup options here:


Is it possible to use the VPN with my computer… and connect my computer to the PS4 ? Or not ?

Thank you for your help

Hello @Nico20

While we cannot always guarantee that the configuration will work with all devices. But we do have articles outlining how to network share your connection from your computer to other devices. Please see the following articles: