How Do I Fix Mac Error Code 924

Hi Guys, I have an issue related to Mac Error Code 924 on my system for a week. I have tried to get over it but failed. If anyone has the solution kindly reply here.

Hey @BruceHank12

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble.

That Error 924 is typically associated with hardware or software issues, malware, improper program installation, Header file corruption, or issues in the boot sector. If you are seeing this error while using VyprVPN I would advise that you simply reinstall VyprVPN to eliminate that as a factor.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you for choosing VyprVPN!

Hey All,
I tried a lot to resolve the issue but my Mac is seriously not responding. It either shuts down or brings along this Mac Error Code 43. I am still unaware of what to do? Will formatting the computer help or is there any other way out?

Hi there, sorry for the trouble you’re having.

It looks like error 43 is something which occurs when trying to delete files. Are you seeing this error when trying to delete or uninstall VyprVPN?

If not, then can you explain what you are doing on the computer when the error occurs?