How to Fix Kodi Buffering?

Here i am looking forward how to fix kodi buffering issues. It is because my Kodi was lagging alot till 6 months.
I research on it how to fix kodi buffering and came up with this detailed review.
Kodi Buffering Issues? Get 5 Different Solutions.
But this blog is related to clear the kodi cache and stream smoothly on kodi.
Is there the only way to overcome on kodi buffering by clearing the cache?
Or is there more options as well?
Need Help guys!

Hello @Haris_Tanveer!

Sorry to hear about the buffering issues! I am sure that’s a pain when you’re trying to watch content on Kodi. Assuming you have VyprVPN running behind the scenes, there may be a few suggestions we can offer in terms of looking at general speed or performance issues. Please reach out to us here and we can work with you more on this:

Also, have a look here for some general guidence on slow speeds or performance issues.

Golden Frog Support

Yes this is really a pain while streaming on Kodi, i would love to hear those suggestions which will solve my buffering problem or Speed/Performance issues.


Sorry for the off topic question, but could you help me with VPN for Kodi. I found this list of Kodi for VPN -, but I`m not sure, which one to choose. Share your experience, please!


We offer limited support for Kodi devices.

We offer the following instructions to set up a Kodi device to connect to our Vyprvpn service.

You can request we add more support at the following link: -


Technical support

There are several ways to rectify the Kodi buffering issues or minimize them. In this guide, you will learn how to fix buffering on Kodi.

I think your problem might fall on the network connectivity problems like slow connection speed or limited bandwidth from the streaming source. Also, I recommend you to update your Kodi version to latest Krypton as it is more powerful and offers several bug fixes.

i have got the same issue kindly provide me a solution if anyone has post it here please.

Kodi Buffering! This is a pretty common thing that is faced by every Kodi user even with VPN. That is why I recommend you are VPN that works perfectly with Kodi, Here are a few VPNs that work well with kodi:

My friend just did it himself, Use one of the methods to install Kodi onto it such as explained here without any hurdle.

The clearest guides that I found:

It will take you less than 30 minutes to set it up yourself if you follow the advice above there’s no issue with buffering neither any other issue.

It is important to have a VPN that work fine with kodi. Such VPNs have launched massive black friday vpn deals recently. Mush check them out.

What type of videos are you streaming and from where? Is this a local network or from the internet?

You can try these two things.

First turn off the sync to display option and see how that goes. That’s under settings, but don’t recall sub menu. This tends to occur with HD Audio, but causes buffering and freezing with HD sources.

Second, there’s a plugin called easy advanced settings, but I don’t know if it’ll work with Amazon Fire TV.

Hi Britanny, i just had a look at the article you linked and it doesnt work for me. Can you help me on that ?

Kodi is designed to provide safe entertainment experience. It uses many security features and protocols to this end.

To prevent unsafe builds and add-ons to from sneaking in, by default Kodi does not permit installation from unknown, third-party sources. But, not all the third-party add-ons are unsafe, especially not the ones we are going to learn about in this guide ahead.

In order to be able to install these add-ons, we will need to enable Unknown Sources temporarily.

when i installed popcorn time on kodi, i followed the Popcorn Time installation on Kodi properly to avoid kodi buffering.