How to install on Windows 10

I recently had to update my windows to 10 from 7 due to the cyber attack wanna cry. Now i need to install vyprvpn on my windows 10. How do i do that any guides would helpful?

Hello @anajames,

You would just need to download and install the app. Here’s a link to our downloads page:

If you run into any issues, our support team is here 24/7 for support. You can email or come into chat:

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Did you check the windows store? Is there a vypr vpn app there? if not, then follow the instruction the support guy has given you.

I am currently using it on Win10 and have made a separate dialer. It’s easy to configure.

Nope not checked the windows store as yet. Is it an easy process making the dialer?

You have done the exactly correct thing. Windows 10 far better than windows 7 in safety aspects. But I have got an issue taskbar won’t hide after enabling the taskbar feature.

Great solutions and useful information. Thanks for this discussion.:handshake: