How to integrate virtualbox server into home network

I manually built a VirtualBox instance on unraid using Ubuntu as a base. Everything seems to be working great after opening up pfSense, I can connect to the server from an external client.

I might not be thinking straight here, but how now do I access the LAN remotely? I can add additional network cards to the virtual box and bridge these to physical cards to add sense of security.

Did you forward all the necessary ports?

Thanks for the reply. I got all the ports forwarded as described, so I can get in and connect fine. Not sure what I need to access the wider network once connected.

I.e. get to my share drives and local services remotely.

Ah yes I misunderstood. You’ll want to up-vote these: &

I am also wanting to do the same thing but I don’t think it’s possible right now.

Thanks Xen0sys. I’m sure I am missing something, how would a VPS instance do it?

I’ve had a look at your links and added some votes.

Not sure what a VPS is. The links are effectively for custom routes that let your VPN communicate outside of it’s subnet. As I understand it anyways.