How to update the Router App in China?

I would like to know the proper way to update the Router App in China. If I update, does it need access to after it has begun installation? I do not want to loose my VPN app if I try to install the update and it fails.

Hello Jim,

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Because of your hesitation in updating while being in China, it would be recommended to just continue using the current version if you are not having any issues.

If however you are having issues and you would like to try the updated version you can attempt to uninstall/reinstall but this route may lead to some issues due to the aforementioned China location.

Our support team would be happy to assist with any issues that might arise. You can contact us directly at or via our live chat option on our website.

Golden Frog Support

Thanks Dustin,

I’m not really having any problems now, so I will leave it alone. By the way, I have been using this router with VyprVPN for 2 years in China.