Hulu Plus no

I am traveling because I have too. I like to relax and sometimes catch a show from the states. But it seems that even though I pay for Hulu Plus I m no longer able to watch.

We have received recent reports that users attempting to stream Hulu content over our VyprVPN US servers have experienced intermittent issues. We will continue to investigate the issue, and will reach out when further information is available.

We recommend trying different US servers, and if you an experience an issue- try disconnecting and waiting 5-10 minutes before reconnecting, and after reconnecting attempt using Hulu again.

I called Friday and spoke with a Hulu rep. He ran some tests on the device is was using which is a Samsung tablet and then told me it was a known problem that is going on and Hulu would credit me a month. Mine shows an error code while stating Unable to play this show. Normally they get stuff fixed fairly quick, but 3 days now, Come on Hulu!