I compared the network speed of using VyprVPN and not using VyprVPN

You guys can see that the different speed on PC in China mainland.
Without VyprVPN:
Ping:9 ms,Download:18.8 Mpbs,Upload:11.33 Mpbs
With Maocao server of VyprVPN:
Ping:214 ms,Download:6.23 Mpbs,Upload:1.31 Mpbs

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The speed depends very much on the time of day and which servers you are connecting. Also you need to try the different protocols, they all work differently on different days. It is now very inconsistent in China.

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Network speed also varies depending on the time of the day and the servers you are using. Also, using the Chameleon protocol that is only available on VyprVPNs’ premium plan can boost your connections.