I connect toTaipei from china, but my ip is America ,I can't watch video due to Regional Copyright。

Hello @Cre_Perwor,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having this trouble! We would be more than happy to help out further with investigating the geo-location of the IP address you’ve received.

Can I have you email our support team at support@goldenfrog.com?

In your email please include the following:

  1. The URL for the site you’re using to check that IP address.
  2. A screenshot of the VyprVPN app showing your current IP address along side the

We look forward to your email so we can help out further in this matter!

I try to disconnect and reconnect several times, the ip was correction, This problem often happen.when i reply you it happen again.

  1. The URL for the site you’re using to check that IP address.
  2. screenshot of the Vyprapp
  3. my true location and ISP
    本机 IP: 湖北省武汉市 长城宽带

Hello @Cre_Perwor,

We will still need to investigate this further through our email based support system.

Can I have you submit an email to us at support@goldenfrog.com or use our web form at https://www.goldenfrog.website/contact-support

I reckon you are using a mobile device of some sort, which means it might prevent you from using a VPN correctly (VyprVPN has worldwide coverage, so I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily the problem).

Did you try using a local option, such as Shadowsocks? Does the problem persist with it too?

Try hard booting the system, factory reset, etc.

Here’s a global map of censorships, so maybe it’s a problem you can fix over there which would also give some more info to the guys who have similar problems.