I think my logs have shown why things arent working correctly Asus

I sent the logs in to support so that you would have immediate access to them. If I connect to the VPN, certain wireless devices cannot renew their IP addresses. It seems others have stated this as well. I have well over 2 weeks of logs if you would like to pick through them. Once I figured out the instability, I stopped connecting to the vpn and the problems stopped. Really miss the vpn though.

I also have another bug that I just discovered. After awhile of not being connected to the vpn, the VyprVPN app goes to the screen saying that the app is not active or is updating and to please wait for whatever is going on to complete. it has been on that screen for days, so I doubt it is doing anything.


I haven’t gone looking – but do you have a ticket number I can reference to go find the logs you’ve submitted?

Also, date/times of where you think you see the problem happening in the logs will be helpful.

As an update – we are to the point where we have finished the work of porting to the Tomato Applet, and are going into QA on it. Once I have that out to you guys, I can start digging into what you all have been seeing in the field – and it sounds like we should be able to setup something QA side to replicate this.

As for the not active/updating – that’s strange. Do you have logs for around when this occurred? Can you ssh into the router and get me an output of “ps auxw”?