IKEv2 Not Working in China

Is IKEv2 in the Vyprvpn windows app not working for anyone else in China? It is not working for me. It didn’t connect even once. I am using I tested on two windows pc, one running windows 7 and the other running windows 10.

Meanwhile, IKEv2 works much better on Mac. It doesn’t take too long to connect and the speed is usable most of the time. On Mac, I am using

Hello and thanks for your forum post!

While other protocols may work at times, Chameleon should be the most reliable protocol to use from within China. Please try using Chameleon on Windows. If you can’t connect, then please go into the advanced settings for the Chameleon protocol, and try setting the port to something within the range of 15001 and 16000.

If you’re still unable to get connected, please contact our support team for help - https://www.goldenfrog.com/contact-support

Is there a difference between how IKEv2 is implemented in Windows and in Mac? On Mac, IKEv2 has worked every single day, but on windows, it hasn’t worked once.

so you need instructions for windows to configure or for Mac?

I can configure both. The problem is IKEv2 works on Mac, but doesn’t work at all on Windows, which is really strange.