IKEv2 on Win-10 becomes a black hole?


When using VyprVPN/IKEv2 on a HP ProBook running Win-10, the connection periodically goes “brain dead” - that is, the connection is there but nothing else happens - as if there is no connection to the Internet at all.

I am attempting to connect to the New York endpoint with the latest installed version, using IKEv2, and the connection to the Internet via the VPN vanishes periodically

Restarting the connection does little to help. Restarting VyprVPN helps sometimes, but usually has little effect. Completely shutting down the computer and then re-connecting helps for a while, but the connection dies again.

The real solution is to change the protocol to OpenVPN. Once this is done, everything works well.

Is this a known problem, or is it just me?

Hey @jharris1993

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. This isn’t something we are currently able to replicate on our end. Out of curiosity, does this only happen when you connect to New York, or does this happen with any server you connect to using IKEv2?

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I have VyprVPN set up on my wife’s computer so she can VPN to her streaming video site (etvnet) to watch Russian movies and television shows.

She connects to the NY endpoint as that’s the fastest US endpoint to us.

I have not tried any other endpoints yet, though DC and Miami are possibilities.

BTW: This isn’t a hard-and-fast thing. It may work for hours - and then it goes totally zombie.

Let me try and sneak a change into her VPN and I will report results. It might take a few days. :wink:

Hey @jharris1993

Okay, no worry on the time frame. Just let us know what you’re able to determine when you can!

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!

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