In Europe, ping / debit problem

hello everyone,

Since about two weeks I have a problem with the VYPRVPN servers
I have ping with:
Finland 17ms (the one i use no now …)
Iceland 24ms
Ireland 25ms
United Kingdom 26ms
Switzerland 46ms
And Greece 73 ms.
But for other European countries, I have nothing, no ping …
Thank you in advance to those who can guide me with this problem.




Sorry for the trouble with this.

The ping times you see from our servers, or whether or not the ping times show at all, will depend on your Internet connection. I am able to confirm that none of our servers are currently offline at the moment.

I would recommend restarting your network equipment, if you can. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our support team -

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for the quick reply.
I am equipped with optical fiber at 1GB / s and I restart my equipment every day.
All the other internet services I use are working properly so I do not think my connection is in question.
For example, apart from the ones I mentioned earlier that are online, Germany, France, Italy and many others appear to be offline.
I will still contact the support team.
Thank you so much

I am in Germany actually. Was testing the VyprVPN Servers on Wifi at Hotel. Mobile Operator O2 and Vodafon and also at my office with a fiber optics access. Tested with macOS, Android devices and with Apple iOS devices with the VyprVPN apps.

All servers are working well so far. All server are showing ping times.

If you dont have a Ping that doesnt mean that the servers are not reachable, maybe it is just a configuration issue at your firewall locally why the pings won`t be shown there? Does it work on other devices, maybe smartphone app?

Hello @webslap1

If there is no ping showing, that is an indication of a poor network connection between you and our servers. I’d suggest logging out of the app, refreshing your local network (if applicable) and then login to the app again.