Incorrect Error Message (Annoying/Frustrating)

Hey Guys,

I am getting an “This feature require the Pro Version” error message constantly popping up every 30 seconds.
I have logged in using a Premier Account. Notifications have been disabled but I am still getting this message continuously.

This issue occurs on the Android Beta and Standard Apps both at the latest versions as per the Play Store.
I have observed the issue for the past 2/3 months, also i am using a Nexus 5 stock unrooted.




Thank you for presenting this issue to our support team! This is definitely odd behavior, and we would like to address this matter accordingly.

In order to potentially resolve this issue, please refer to the steps listed below:

  1. Log out of VyprVPN. If you have both the production and beta releases of the application, please ensure you are logged out of both apps separately.
  2. Select Settings>Apps
  3. Locate VyprVPN, Select It, and use the following options:
  • Force Stop
  • Clear Data
  1. Please conduct the same process for the VyprVPN Beta application as well.
  2. Restart the production version of VyprVPN for Android, login, and attempt to use the services as expected.

If you continue to receive the same notification, please let our support team know!