Installing vpnrouter app - error connection lost by peer

Trying to instal then connection lost by peer : eval wget -q -O -

Hello @Roman_Yatsyk,

I am sorry to read that you are experiencing an issue with installing our VyprVPN app. I would like to have you try downloading and installing using an alternative URL. To install the app, please enter the following in the “Tools->System Commands” box in your Tomato UI, then click the Execute button:

eval wget -q -O -

If you are still unable to download and install the VyprVPN Router app, please let us know.

Golden Frog Support

Seems it doesn’t work

Hello @Roman_Yatsyk,

Thank you for providing us with the screenshot as it was of help!

From the screenshot, I show that you did not type the command in correctly. You didn’t type the word eval in front of wget and you did not enclose the wget command in backward tick-marks. You need to type the command exactly as below and then click the Execute button.

Please let me know if you still are unable to install the VyprVPN Router app.

Golden Frog Support

Installation started but failed

Hello @Roman_Yatsyk,
I am sorry to hear that this installation issue continues. It would appear that there is some information missing from our previous correspondences that would better assist use in helping you. Can you tell us the make, model, and chip set of your router so that we can ensure that it is compatible with our VyprVPN Router App?
Also, please visit the following URL in a browser and tell us if you are prompted to download the file, or if the site times out and fails to load:
Thank you in advance!


But after login cannot connect to any server with any encryption


Sorry to hear that you are still experiencing issues with our Router App.

First, when you select the VyprVPN tab our of the left hand window, what populates? What happened on the VyprVPN tab after you logged in?

Thank you

Something went wrong, now i can’t login even, no internet connection with vyprvpn router app.

Hello again Roman,

Thank you for the update.

Would it be possible for you to submit this issue to so that we can track this issue a bit better. We will need logs and possibly some additional screenshots to get to the bottom of this issue, and we feel it will help us help you if we troubleshoot via email.

Thank you for your time, and we certainly look forward to your request!

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