Interface Annoyance

With the connection screen showing, When you click in the arrow “>” on the right to bring up the list of servers (see attachment)
There can be a significant delay(4-5 seconds) before the list of servers displays.
Usually I click again after a second thinking I either missed the spot or the click didn’t register.
What happens is that the list flies up and some random sever gets selected and it immediately starts to connect.
My instinct of course is to immediately hit cancel.

and that is where the REAL annoyance begins.

It is bad enough that there is such a delay for the interface to respond
But once I hit that cancel button, it can take 10 minutes for before it is ready for me to make the selection I was intending to choose.

Even killing the process does not stop the connection attempt.

It becomes faster for me to just hit the reset button on my computer which will only take 90 seconds before I am ready to try again.

Perhaps the best way is to NOT have the selection automatically connect when it is selected from the drop down. I sometime inadvertently select the wrong server and would prefer to select again before I commit by hitting the “connect” button.

Thank you for your time.

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Allow me to add my vote to this.

Once the VPN begins the connection process, no force on earth or in heaven can stop it, except for either:

  1. Waiting an interminable time for the client to connect to some random server somewhere in the Solar System and then connect.
  2. Immediately shut-down the system. In this case, it is not always successful as the VPN’s process can and does sometimes block the system shutdown until completion.

Please add my hearty endorsement of this issue.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will look into the issue shortly. One thing to keep in mind, navigating to the server screen may take some time as sometimes network conditions may impact that load time. Regardless, we will have our dev team review and implement a fix if needed. If you need further assistance, please contact our support team at

Perhaps some kind of “busy” indication while the interface finds something to connect with.

Note that my own connections are usually are done using either a fully symmetrical 50 mbit fiber connection, or a full-speed 4G+ connection where everything else connects virtually instantly.

Depending on the phases of the moon, or the positions of various stars and planets, the time to find and populate the list of servers can take from a couple of seconds to several minutes, all else being equal.

This is also extremely annoying.


1 more issue here: sometimes, the blue Connection did not work as expected after disconnecting from some server, in the latest version (not Beta one).