Intermittent disconnects with OpenVPN/Chameleon on NETGEAR R6220 (AC1200)

Any insight or assistance would be appreciated.

Longest I’ve been connected is around 9 hours and shortest is 15 minutes.

Hey @djELITE,

There could be a few reasons you’re experiencing disconnects. Keep in mind that VyprVPN is not a dedicated host, so any connection is indeed prone to dropping on occasion. Your ISP speed, stability, your distance from the server; all of these things and others can contribute to disconnects. One way of avoiding disconnects it choosing a server with a low ping.

That said, the app should automatically try to reconnect if a connection drops. Is that not happening for you?

Some other things to take note of:

When the connections drop, do you see a specific error message?

Do you see any packet loss when you attempt to ping our servers from your native connection?

If you’d like to see whether your ISP speed is a factor as well, I highly recommend checking out this help center article.

Let us know if we can assist further.


Support Team

Thanks for the expedient response. I truly appreciate it.

I average around 350Mbps (approx 8ms ping) download without VyprVPN and around 100Mbps (approx 65ms ping) with VyprVPN.

The app does reconnect. Sometimes it takes a few tries to re-connect.

Without VyperVPN, I don’t get any disconnects.

There’s no specific error message(s) or packet loss.


Can you provide us with some additional information so we can investigate further?

  • Do you experience disconnects on all protocols, or only with Chameleon/OpenVPN?
  • What servers are you attempting to connect to?
  • Do disconnects happen on every server, or select servers?
  • If the router app is disabled and you connect to the VPN on your other devices (on the same network), do you also experience disconnects on those devices?
  • What version of Tomato firmware are you running on your router?


Support Team

  1. I can’t connect using the PPTP protocol. I get an ERROR 6050. I use L2TP/Chameleon/OpenVPN and get the disconnects.
  2. Mainly L.A., San Francisco, and Seattle.
  3. The servers I mentioned above.
  4. I don’t have the “router app” installed. I didn’t think it could be installed on a NETGEAR R6220 (AC1200). However, I utilize a laptop and a desktop. Both devices experience disconnects while VyprVPN is on, while they’re both or individually connected to the router.
  5. I didn’t think you could run Tomato on a NETGEAR R6220 (AC1200).

My Ubiquiti ER-X just arrived today so I’m simply going to make my NETGEAR R6220 (AC1200) an access point. I don’t think Shibby makes Tomato firmware for the ER-X either. However, I did see @mikedoug mention in an older thread ( that there was an “unofficial” way to config the EdgeMax to work with VyprVPN. I’m going to give that a try.

Thank you for your assistance nonetheless.


Thank you for your reply.

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