iOS app needed for quick firewall switch

I like the idea of the new firewall for incoming connections, but there are times I need to connect inward to my machine at home, which is running VPN, and now, I cannot.

To get in, I have to log in, switch the firewall, and log out.

Then, when done, I need to do the opposite.

Be nice to have the VyperVPN iOS app let me easily turn on and off the firewall for all my VPN connections.

Yes, we currently only support turning off NAT firewall via the Golden Frog web control panel. Allowing users more granular control over the NAT firewall is on our product roadmap, particularly for router connections.

@orubin, that’s a very interesting use case. One way of doing that today, if you’re using the apps is to:

  1. Configure the application on your home system to auto-reconnect on disconnect.
  2. When remote, disable NAT Firewall on the control panel.
  3. Then using the control panel kill the VPN connection at your house.
  4. Then when it reconnects, you’ll be able to get in.
  5. When done, re-enable NAT Firewall on the control panel, and kill the VPN connection again.

Because you have auto-reconnect enabled, you’d be able to do this remotely with the existing technologies.

We have other ideas which might provide you a solution without having to disable the NAT Firewall in its entirety, but those are still cooking in the idea stage.


By the way – congrats on being the first to post to the iOS category! We’ve not fully launched this as a general forum site, but I welcome the conversation!