Iplayer not working on LG TV

Hi, newbie here so please go easy on me!

Right…I have a Netgear R7000 (tomato firmware) with Vyprvpn app connected through LAN to my LG TV and wirelessly to my phone and laptop.

Iplayer, itv hub and ch4 player all working on laptop and phone when connected to wireless network on router.

However, on LG TV, only bbc iplayer app not working. Itv hub and ch4 player working ok. I am logged in, iplayer loads up ok but when i click on a programme to play, the following message appears, “something went wrong loading this programme.”

I have changed location settings of tv to uk as well as the time to uk time. I have tried connecting wirelessly to tv…same issue. Not sure why iplayer is working on other devices but not the tv through same router connection.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Hey @Sab88,
Welcome to the forum!
I’m, glad to hear that all is working well with the VyprVPN router app with the exception of the BBC iPlayer program error you mentioned.

“something went wrong loading this programme.” Does not appear to be a blocking of the VPN connection, it’s rather generic.
I did a quick search online and found dozens of forums all offering device specific steps to resolve the issue. Most commonly it seemed the BBC app needed to have a fresh install with the latest version. I would recommend searching this error with your specific TV and/or streaming device to find the specific steps.

Should you do this and then receive any errors specifically about streaming the content, or being outside of the available area, you may try the following guides:
How do I access BBC iPlayer content with VyprVPN?
Trouble Accessing Geographically Restricted Streaming Services

All the best!