Is it possible to limit "new" articles to a specific language or languages?


When I have the time, I like to lurk the fora here, and - if possible and relevant - perhaps offer some help.

One way I do that is by paying attention to the “new” (unread?) articles within the particular forum I am in.  Unfortunately - especially within the VPN forum - many of the newer articles are from people in China who are having trouble connecting through The Great Firewall.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of Chinese is even worse than my knowledge of Russian, which is pitiful.

Not that I have any issues with the Chinese language in general, but I am curious if I can exclude one or more languages, or - absent that - mark them “read” without opening them?

The main reason I ask is because many of these threads have a long list of responses in Chinese and I don’t feel I can contribute anything more useful than whatever is there.


Jim  “JR”