Is it possible to port forward on VyprVPN?

Someone has a minecraft server on the Canada VyprVPN network. I did not believe it at first, but I checked and to my surprise, it was true. His minecraft server IP is and the game server is showing online, I could even join it ( I looked up that IP and it belongs to Powerhouse Management in Canada, which I believe is a block owned by VyprVPN.

How did he hosted a game server on VyprVPN? Port forwarding, GRE tunnel, special service, or something?

Hello @leon787

I’m not too sure of the specific steps used to configure their Minecraft as we do not support port forwarding in our app. I suspect they just connected to VyprVPN first and then setup their Minecraft server.

Once the VPN connection is disconnected and they reconnect the VPN IP address will change since they are dynamic IP addresses.