Issue with VyprVPN use in Linux Mint

On a laptop, using WiFi.
I used PIA VPN successfully for many years on Mint. PIA has an excellent Linux GUI interface, it would start automatically on system start without issue, but I recently decided to change because of concerns over PIA’s ownership. I replace PIA with VyprVPN. It does not have a LINUX GUI and the setup is through Network Manager.

Network manager gives the option to ‘Automatically connect to VPN’ for the chosen network connection setting. This I chose. In theory on system start wiFi connects then the VPN service starts so by the time the system is up and running the WiFi and VPN is running offering full protection with no leaks.

What actually happens is the VPN starts but I have no internet connection. When I click my WiFi connection from Network Manager it connects and everything is fine, as far as the network connection is concerned. The second problem I encountered was, I have a NAS to which I automatically connect on system start through FSTAB. This woked fine with PIA but the issue above prevents the drive from mounting. In order to access I have to open file manager as root to mount the drive then I as the user can access as usual.

I turned off ‘Automatically connect to VPN’ and everything reverted back to normal, WiFi connection and NAS mounts automagically on system start. The boot log is telling me nothing to help.

The obvious solution is for VyprVPN to get their finger out and produce a Linux GUI along the lines of that PIA supply. It has been requested many times and maybe they will do something, we’ll see. In the meantime I want to ‘Automatically connect to VPN’ on system start without the hassles described above. Is there a way I can connect normally to the WiFi, but delay the connection to the VPN until E.G. the system is fully loaded. At this point the WiFi is connected, the NAS mounted and the VPN should connect and operate normally.

Has anyone else had this issue and can offer a solution or, do I need to manually start the VPN service every time I boot?