It has been over 2 and half months now for people in china unable to use the services

Currently on the newest version of the service is completely unusable. The speed when connected to any servers right away is good but drops insanely after a few minutes of use or downloading a certain amount of data to a point that is totally unusable(around 4 to 5 kb/s)

On the older version or The speed when connected is paramount all the time when connected to servers. But there are only 1 to 5 servers working(In some rare times there will be 11) and each connection usually only last 30 minutes to 2 hours. After that time the server you were connected to disappears and you have to switch to another server. I have to constantly switch servers on the older version which makes it really troublesome to use.

The worst part being that this issue has been over 2 and half months. Nothing has been resolved, I have contacted support for over 10 times, The only thing I got was to remain patient until the new version comes out which I have been told it will aim to solve the connection and speed issues. But it has been over few weeks, and nothing has been released.

I’m really upset about this, The tortoise speed for solving this major issue has been totally unbearable. While most other VPNs that are dedicated in China have already solved their connection issues ,though some of them may still face some issues from time to time but certainly not a down time that lasts over 2 months. Also The blockage of October has been long passed. So there is no reason for Vypr not being able to solve the connections issues.

This has been extremely frustrating, as a person who has loved your service for a quite long time, I loathe to see this problem still persisting. I demand a release date of the next version.

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Hello @kaldeqca

I certainly understand your frustration there with slow speeds ,and connection drops. As you know by now, the speeds experienced will vary from user to user depending on many variables outside of our control.

We are constantly working to defeat the great firewall and, improve connection quality and speed. We do have another release set to come up some time in the near future but don’t have a date which I can provide you with. I can say that it will be prompted within the in app update notification, as with previous releases.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

It has been extremely long. I have been patient for last 2 months, This has been really unacceptable. I really want to know when will this issues in China be resolved.

@kaldeqca I understand, and I wish we had more information to provide you with at this time. We don’t have any kind of time frame we can provide you with. Currently, if you need to check the current status of service you can do so at


There is no information regarding the new release version on the status page, In fact the last info was from November 6, 2019 to address issues on IOS, There is literal no mention of the new version.

Sad news… What you got from the support???

keep remaining patient for more until the new version comes out which we do not have a release date of nor any progress on.