Kill Switch issues & default connection to specified country not possible

Using version on a MacBook Pro with Mojave on a 250 Mbit/s DSL line.

1.) Upon booting the app waits about 60 - 90 seconds before starting to establish a VPN connection. For this time, I only see the white-ish app window, after those 60-90 seconds I see the app establishing the connection (which is pretty fast in terms of acquiring an IP address).
This behaviour only happens, when the option “Kill Switch” is active - no matter, what options I choose with the additional configuration of the Kill Switch.
Only, when I disable the Kill Switch, then VyprVPN app immediately establishes a VPN connection.
This behaviour is clearly connected to the Kill Switch option and not caused by a delay after the boot process of the computer: I can replicate it even with the computer fully booted, closing VyprVPN app and starting the app again. Even then, I have to wait 60-90 seconds, before the app even starts to “dial into” the VPN network!
And: it is not dependant upon the protocol I choose in options (IKEv2, Chameleon, OpenVPN).
So: Why the long wait time for starting the VPN connection, when Kill Switch is active?

2.) I want to automatically ONLY connect to a German VPN server, so I added only “Germany” as a favourite. But I cannot get rid of / remove the option “Fastest Server” on top of the “favourites window” in the server options. So at times (the VyprVPN app starts automatically, when booting the computer) , it connects to a fast server OUTSIDE of Germany. Is there any way to prevent this and FORCE a “German VPN server connection” only?

3.) When I am doing backups, I usually leave the computer unattended and let it shut down automatically, when the backups are done. But with VyprVPN active, this does not work, because when shutting down the computer, this I prevented by a notification window of the VyprVPN app, that by “closing the app, Kill Switch will prevent Internet connections”. Can this be suppressed, so that I can let the computer shut down unattended - I did not find any option in the notifications options or elsewhere.

Thanks for helping!

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Welcome to the forums @dvdr !

First, thank you for your comprehensive report on these issues! Excellent details and helped our team here replicate some of what you are seeing.

Regarding the extended initial connection time, we were able to replicate this and are going to be working directly with our development teams in order to resolve this in an upcoming patch. I would advise (if possible) that you either disable the Kill-Switch feature temporarily until the update releases or, Turn off the Kill-Switch feature before shutting down your device and turning the feature back on once booted.

We were however, unable to replicate VyprVPN the auto-connection to Fastest server instead of the favored and suggest that you reach out to our support teams regarding this.

While we look in look into the Kill-Switch issue, we will also be investigating how VyprVPN is halting the shutdown process due to the notification as well.

Having high hopes we can resolve your issue soon! Support Request

Thank you @Johnny_G for getting back to me and looking into the matter.

let me add one more observation: this is regarding, how the VyprVPN app behaves on Local Networks - I am connected via WLAN, not via a LAN cable.

If the option “Verbindung pro App” (most likely translates to “connections per app”), which allows app-specific circumvention of the VPN is…

switched off/not active:

  • I can see and connect to my Synology Discstation in Mac Finder and login via local IP address via Safari into Discstation’s admin panel

  • I can log into Time Machine and I can create backups (they are stored on the Synology Disc station)

  • Logging in to the router’s admin panel via IP-address is possible, but not via its “written” address ( - which makes sense, since VPN looks at it as an external URL)

switched on/active:

  • I cannot log in / browse into my Synology Discstation in Finder, BUT: it is shown in Finder under Network and “places”. So Finder recognises its presence, but cannot log into it to browse its contents.

  • I cannot log into my Synology Discstation’s admin panel in Safari via its local IP address - which is strange, since it is a local IP address

  • I cannot create any backups with or even access Time Machine, even if I go into the app specific options and choose to circumvent VPN for Time Machine (it is listed there as an app)

So basically, when the app-specific option is switched OFF, communication via WLAN inside my LAN is possible. When I choose to go app-specific, this communication is blocked, even if I provide local IP addresses. Maybe, local network communication in Finder and Safari is treated differently, when this option is switched ON?

Hello @dvdr

We apologize for the late reply and appreciate you bringing this detailed issue to our attention regarding the Connection Per App feature not allowing access to your Synology and Router admin panel. We’ve been able to replicate this issue on our end and have created a bug ticket with our Development team to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!