Kill Switch Issues

I’m having an issue where sometimes, the Kill Switch (set to internet & LAN traffic) does not kick in when my VYPR connection is dropped. I am writing this as my VYPR is running and is not blocking my internet traffic.

How can I fix this? Anybody else have the same problem?


We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with our Kill Switch feature on VyprVPN for OS X. In order to appropriately address this matter, our support team will need to obtain the log files from the VyprVPN application.

To perform this action, open the VyprVPN application and select ‘Help’ on the menu bar at the top. Then, hover over ‘Feedback’, then click ‘Report a Problem’. On the next window please make sure the “Include Application Logs” checkbox is ticked and refer to the following community post in the field provided. Also, please clarify if the issue persists when using both the ‘App’ and/or ‘System’ option, along with if you Enable/Disable the ability to stop LAN traffic when Kill Switch is active for troubleshooting purposes. To complete the process, select the ‘Report Bug’ option.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and look forward to your reply!

Best Regards,
Golden Frog Support

Re kill switch on android:
Before, or instead of, initiating support requests, am I correct to understand that there are reasons to expect less than 100% kill switch effectiveness?

Android (10, on Note 9, and 5, on Note 3) manages to defeat kill switch at various times, such as device reboots and some internet reconnects (occasionally worse).

I recall once reading that some of this will happen because vypr couldn’t overcome something in Android generally, or certain versions of it, so have just lived with the lapses, reset kill switch when it gets turned off, and realized I can’t perfectly protect my IP info, especially from google play, which I’m increasing excising from my life.

If that’s how it is, then I won’t bother requesting kill switch solutions I’ve been unable to attain on my end with myriad efforts.

One must remain attentive to whether there actually is vpn or killswitch protection – and know it’s impossible to attain 100%IP privacy via the Android app. And plan for the expense of router-based vpn.

Kill Switch should consistently block 100% of non-VPN Internet connection on the device it’s running on.

There is one thing to look out for on Android - there’s a feature in the Android settings that is effectively the same thing as Kill Switch, called “Block Non-VPN Connections”. If this feature and Kill Switch are both enabled, it could cause issues. We recommend only using Kill Switch in the VyprVPN app, and disabling “Block Non-VPN Connections” in Android.

Instructions for checking for this feature in Android:

  1. Open your device’s Settings app.
  2. Tap Network & internet, then Advanced VPN.
  3. Next to the VPN that you want to change, tap Settings.
  4. Switch Block connections without VPN to off

Android devices settings layout can vary from device to device, so the path to that option on your Android device(s) may differ from the steps above.

If you’re still having issues with Kill Switch, please feel free to reach out to our support team -