Latest Tested and Approved Wireless Routers

I am looking for a fast and efficient VPN for my 2 Android Boxes running version 7.12 and 2 laptops running Windows 7. I saw a YouTube Review on the Lynksys 3200 at $299 and The Anamobox Pro at $119 which I am unfamiliar with that company. Have their been any tested at a reasonable price point lowere than $299 that are good to use. I have Comcast 150 MB service but want to scale down to 75 MB download speed. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @mike1,

We haven’t tested that exact router, but it looks like most of the 3200 series would work. Here is a link that covers the hardware requirements for using the app if you would like to review that.

As far as Anonabox, a Pro or Tunneler is required. We have many users that user the service using Anonabox. Here’s some setup instructions you can bookmark.

Thanks for the quick reply. Are their any TV Apps like NetFlix, Hulu or Set TV that you are aware of that don’t work. I only saw dated questions and replies in forum on this subject.

Hello @mike1,

We don’t have a comprehensive list of apps that don’t work. I suggest signing up and taking advantage of the 3-day free trial period to try it to see if it works for you.

I will. thanks

Why don’t you try Netgear nighthawk R8000 its a good one. It’s the value for the money product!!

Why dont you try small business switch?