Log in to VyprVPN-Account on Andriod App

after setup the VyprVPN app on a new device, I have to enter my username and password to connect the app with my account. While staying in China this isn’t possible. As soon as I have a full access to internet connecting via VPN or leaving China the login will work and the app will work as normal.

I hope this behavior can be changed, so that a login from China (and maybe other countries) can work as the Windows-Version.

Hello @aig_hes,

Thank you for your feedback! We are aware that some users can experience this issue when attempting to sign in via the Android app from China. This is something that we are looking into. However, we do have steps that you can take to resolve this issue without the need for an outside VPN. If you are interested, please reach out to us via our support channel at support@goldenfrog.com.

Thank you for your time!

Golden Frog Technical Support