Many websites unavailable with VyprVPN

Hi, I am a long time VyprVPN user living in the UK (connecting to the London server). Historically, there have always been some websites that were unavailable with VyprVPN (e.g. BBC iPlayer streaming has always been really bad or simply impossible). However, recently, the number of sites that block this VPN service is so high that it questions the validity of VyprVPN. I cannot even download podcasts from BBC, yet alone stream on iPlayer. Just a few examples:,,,,…I could sit here all day listing websites. Using the proprietary Chameleon technique makes no difference. I am aware that VPN blocking is becoming more and more popular, but it seems VyprVPN is particularly vulnerable. I will definitely look for alternatives.

Hello @Z_Fuki

We are sorry to hear that you are considering another service. We’d love to assist you with the issue you are having with streaming and accessing certain sites. Please contact our support team via live chat or email at


Hi Terrence,

Thanks for getting back to me and offering your help. However, I would appreciate it if we could discuss this issue here, over a public forum so other users can also benefit. My issue is not related to the account I have or my particular setup that I am using. It is a wider question: why is it that so many sites and services are blocking VyprVPN? I am aware that more and more companies and states are against VPNs, but it seems that VyprVPN is particularly badly affected.

Can you let us know what error if any you are seeing when you go to sites like,,,,

Some sites (e.g. amazon, BBC services) are hit or miss, some days they work, some days they don’t (without VPN they always work on the same computer). Some other sites (e.g., simply always report: Access Denied You don’t have permission to access “” on this server. But I could add a lot more sites to the list e.g. airlines, travel booking sites etc. Or some sites only block certain things. For instance, Amazon used to block Prime video streaming (even if I am a paid Prime member), but if I separately pay for a movie, I can watch it with VPN on.

Hey @Z_Fuki,

The sites that you are referring to when you receive an “Access Denied” error means that those sites have some kind of hard block against a range of IP addresses. This is most commonly seen on travel sites. For issues with those, the only thing we can really suggest is trying to disconnect from the VPN for about 5 minutes, then reconnect to obtain a new IP address. As for streaming services like BBC and Amazon Prime, those should always work while connected to VyprVPN as long as you are connecting to a supported region. If you are experiencing issues while connected to supported region, (for example: Amazon Prime while connected to Germany, UK, or US) then we suggest definitely reaching out to our support team so we can take a better look at this.

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