Minimize to system tray instead of taskbar

Subject says it all. I don’t like more applications being shown on my taskbar when I don’t need to alt-tab to them, and they take up valuable space. I would prefer to not see the icon at all, or next to my speaker icon.

I did look through the options and saw nothing in there related to this topic.

Haha, I just realized I could close the main application window and still have it loaded in the system tray, which is doing what I would expect the minimize button to do in the firs place.

I always feel hitting “X” on an application should explicitly CLOSE the program and it’s children, IE not running any processes… or possibly having a note when clicking “X” for the first time would have an info window that tells you “hey, we’re still running VyprVPN, look in your system tray”.

This would explain (to me at least) that the “X” minimizes to system tray, and the “-” minimizes the main application window to the taskbar.

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Hey @jeffro

Thanks for the feedback!

We will definitely pass this information along, and if you have any other features or ideas you would like to see with VyprVPN in the future, please share them at:

Thanks again!

-Tyler | Customer Support

Yes, would be nice if there is a solution to autostart only with tray-icon and not with a further window of the prog (at win10). Are there new solutions? Any ideas to get it work? Thanks