Multiple DNS when connecting to VPN


I have a basic set up for both my computee and my cell phone when connecting to VPN. For simplicity, let’s discuss my cell phone.

I am connecting to the VPN and when I check my DNS, I am showing two DNS servers, 1 is in Los Angeles where I am connecting, and one is in Wyoming(Query Foundry). I only want my DNS in LA to be recognized.

Also, I seem to have some geolocation information leaking. My geolocation seems to still be gathering my actual location.

On my computer, I set to a static IP to help ensure I picked up the VPNs DNS, but multiple were still picked up and geolocation determined where I was. I only want to show that I am in LA.

Thanks for the help!

Hello @IShouldbSurfn,

The servers that are showing in the test results you have provided are utilizing VyprDNS. The majority of our servers will not be named specifically ‘VyprDNS’ so that they cannot be identified as a VPN DNS server by services or sites within the country of the VPN endpoint you are using. To elaborate a little bit on how VyprDNS works and other reasons why you may be seeing the hosts you are seeing on

We setup VyprDNS in such a way that prevents our customer’s DNS queries from being associated with their activity on VyprVPN. Doing this prevents organizations that restrict DNS from putting blocks in place for our users. This is done using a DNS relay system. Sites like will see the last server in the DNS relay chain, which typically does not identify itself with Golden Frog services. This is good because customer DNS is not identified as coming from VyprVPN, which is the intended goal.

The hostnames associated with those last server DNS IPs are not typically within our control, so we normally cannot change them. That’s why you are seeing IPs associated with Query Foundry ( and etc… However, if you ping you will notice a completely different IP resolve. That’s the actual server IP, not the one on This discrepancy is the unfortunate result of improper reverse DNS information outside of our control.

DNS leak test sites make the faulty assumption that the DNS server to which the end-user makes the request is the actual DNS server from which the leak test will see the request, which is not how it works with VyprDNS, specifically because we don’t want leak test servers seeing the request come from VyprVPN.

We go to great lengths to ensure all data sent over our network stays between Golden Frog and the customer. Our specific configuration of VyprDNS is just one of the ways we protect your data.

With regards to your concern about improper geolocation as shown on that DNS test site.

Please note that we host DNS in the country our VPN servers are located in. I explained why users might see odd or concerning information on that site above.

We have found no issues at this time on our end regarding the geolocation of our DNS. If DNS test sites are showing information different from what is expected, it could be due to a number of factors on the site’s end, including use of outdated geo-ip databases.

I hope I was able to shed some light on your concerns. I definitely understand where you’re coming from in wanting to know more about the results you are seeing. If you are still encountering DNS-related issues you suspect might be further related to geolocation, please contact our support team or see our geo-blocked site troubleshooting article.

Support Team

Thanks Wes,

I am currently temporarily stationed near a military base in South Korea. VyprVPn seems to be working fine with the exception of geolocation-it still shows that I am in South Korea and some of the services I use rely O location and I therefore can’t access the services I would like to.


Hello @IShouldbSurfn,

We would be glad to look into the geolocation issue that you are experiencing. Please contact our Support Team with the IP address that you are receiving when connected to the VPN and how you are determining the IP is incorrectly geolocating. This will allow us to further investigate this matter. You may reach our Support Team at

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter!