My macbookpro connection is unresponsive and can not be used normally

My macbookpro connection is unresponsive and can not be used normally.

Hello, I understand the Vyprvpn application is not responsiv e on your Mac.

Please try the following steps to reset the Vyprvpn service and see if the issue persists:

  1. Quit that VyprVPN application from the ‘Quit’ option in the VyprVPN menu at the top of your screen.
  2. To remove the service, use Command+Tab and select Finder, then press Command + Shift + G to bring up the Go To window and type in: /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools
    A window should open showing the VyprVPNService sitting there. Drag it to trash.
  3. Then you will need to log out of OS X and log back in to complete service removal.
  4. Empty the trash bin.
  5. Restart VyprVPN to prompt the reinstallation of the VyprVPNService.

If you need further assistance please email our support team directly at


Technical support

Try troubleshooting your mac or launch Network Diagnostics. Just go to Apple menu > System Preferences and click Network. Click Assist me, and then click Diagnostics. Network Diagnostics utility will provide a series of questions and tests, from checking your ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to network configuration and DNS servers. By that, you will be able to know what system is not working and the suggestions that can be done.