My VyprVPN automatically disconnects, this is what it shows on GlassWire

Thoughts? What’s causing this “TAP-VyprVPN Adapter V9” to be automatically removed/added once to three times a day for me? It’s frustrating

Hey @Vince,

Thanks for reaching out to us regarding this.

The VyprVPN TAP adapter is used specifically for the VPN tunnel. Because of this, when you disconnect from VyprVPN, it automatically disables the TAP adapter. Then when you reconnect, it will automatically enable it again.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

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@Jack_M My VyprVPN disconnect on it’s own without me clicking on disconnect, what’s causing it to automatically disconnect and can you guys patch it please it’s annoying

Hello @Vince

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing the issues with it disconnecting. Can you let us know how often it disconnects?

We look forward to your response.


@Jack_M About once to three times a day.

Hey @Vince

Thanks for the info. I’d like to start off by mentioning that there can be many reasons why VyprVPN disconnects. In addition to that, VyprVPN isn’t a dedicated connection and is subject to disconnects.

This being said, we’d be happy to take a closer look at it to see if we can find anything on our end that may contribute to this. However, its not something we can guarantee can be fixed.

In order to do so, next time you experience a disconnect, please reach out to our support team at and provide your log files. You can do so by following these steps:

We hope this helps!

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I hate to sound paranoid, but is it possible that someone in my household (family member) may be able to disconnect my VyprVPN through manipulating a certain file from their own device even if they don’t have access to my account and password? I ask because everyone thought VPN could not be messed with but then webrtc was another story. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but my VyprVPN seems to be disconnecting during similar hours in the day (like between 9-11:30pm) and it seems rather suspicious and someone is trying to moniter me?

Hello @Vince

It’s unlikely that a file is being manipulated that will disconnect VyprVPN. If the disconnects are happening around the same time each day, it may be a network issue. As mentioned previously, we’d be happy to take a closer look at this to see if we can find anything on our end that may contribute to this. Please contact our support team at and provide your log files using the steps at the link provided earlier.



I checked to make sure and it seems to be happening in the morning as well. I’m not always on my computer so most likely happens more.

Thanks for the update on this. If you haven’t already, please contact our support team here and we’ll be glad to take a look -

@Daniel_G I don’t want to give out my logs, sorry.

I understand the apprehension. The logs wouldn’t contain any personally-identifiable information, but I do understand.

Without being able to review the logs, I would suggest that you make sure you’re on the most current version of VyprVPN for Windows, which is If you’re on a version earlier than that, please uninstall it (make sure to check the box that says “VyprVPN User Settings” during the uninstall process), and then reinstall VyprVPN using the file here -

I hope this helps!

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Ok thanks. I’ll download that version, but isn’t it a beta version? I’m using version

Sounds good. Let us know how it goes if you have any issues. Also, the version available from that link is the production release for Windows. No longer in beta and super fresh.

@Daniel_G @John-S

I just installed it and it seems to be working well, however I’ll see how it fairs in a few days. I’ll update if there are any problems.

One problem right off the bat with the new version is that when I changed the TAP Adapter to ’ VyprVPN Tap Adapter’ this message appears when I tried to connect:

I tried shutting off and on my computer again, but VyprVPN keeps showing ‘Disconnecting…’ forever and I couldn’t do anything but to uninstall it. So I had to reinstall this version again to avoid it. I’m now staying on the ‘OpenVPN TAP Adapter’ and it works fine, but I hope the VyprVPN TAP gets looked at because I’d like an alternative if something were to happen. FYI, for the version, both TAP Adapters worked fine.

Anyways, I’ll let you guys know if this version disconnects frequently like the previous version.

Thanks for the updates. Hope the new version works well for you.

Regarding what you’re seeing with the app getting stuck on “Disconnecting”, that’s something we’re looking to fix in an upcoming update. If you contact our support team about that, we can set it up so you’ll get an email update when that’s been resolved.

Since I know you don’t want to provide logs, you can either contact us through the app and not select the option to include logs, or you can email us directly here -


Here’s my update on the newest version of VyprVPN app:

So it still seems to be disconnecting the same amount of times throughout the day (again im not always on my computer so it could be more).

I’m actually considering purchasing another VPN service. I’m somewhat disappointed with VyprVPN at the moment because I really did my research on many VPNs to see which one was the best one. I know you guys can improve. I kinda want a refund but it’s too late for that as its been more than 30 days I think.

What I’m considering doing is going with another VPN provider for the time being and maybe checking back with Vypr in a few months to see if it’s been improved drastically, but then again it’s possible that I’ll never come back at all if the other VPN proves to be much better. The app is just very unstable and disconnects too often for me. Check out this post of mine if you haven’t already done so. I feel like this is the best option but also the worst because it’s money down the toilet.


We are sorry to hear that you wish to receive a refund and move on to another provider. Please reach out to our support team at and they can assist you with a refund.