Need a simple list of instructions to setup Asus RT-AC66U for VyprVPN? Pls

Curious if you’ve found a solution for @fax problem. I have the same router with the latest firmware. Connection is established but then I am unable to get internet through. I’d love to try your router app, but this hardware is sadly not supported yet.

Yeap, thanks to golden frog support. It was actually easy (after you know it!). I had NOT to use the ISP DNS servers and fill-in in the router another set of DNS IPs (e.g. OpenDNS). All works now!

To setup the DNS servers in your router firmware, click the WAN tab on the left. Under WAN DNS Settings, set “Connect to DNS Server automatically” to No and enter a pair of the DNS servers’ IP addresses. After setting the DNS servers, click the Apply button at the bottom and then Reboot your router.”

Hope this helps others with the same problem.


Update: The latest official ASUS firmware build 9313 has resolved the problem here. No need anymore to add an alternative DNS :smiley:

I got this to work on the AC88U through client set up.
Only issues i have is occasionally i activate the vpn and it comes up with ip conflict.
I have to switch to another or reboot.Both options means disconnecting all clients.
I wont use the app via tomato or ddwrt because i have iptv on asus stock which has no issues with the decoder menus and is way less complex to setup.

Also noticed the last few days FIFA 16 (p2p seasons) has been worse than playing without the vpn.
Something up with your network?

could anyone explain me why i can’t watch netflix if i upload the .ovpn file into my router but if i follow the manual instructions i can watch netflix. Whats the difference?


The issue with Netflix could come down to a number of things. Are you setting the connection to the same locations? (i.e Both using a US server location) It could also be dependent on the IP address each set-up was given. Did you attempt to make multiple connections to get new IPs to see if it was just the IP address you were assigned?

Our support team would be happy to attempt and work through this with you. We are available 24x7 and can be contacted directly via e-mail ( or you can visit our website to get in contact with a live chat agent.

Golden Frog Support

Both locations are frankfurt, and yes i did make multiple connections. There is a negative difference in the .ovpn files. I only don’t understand what make the difference.

I own this same router running merlin 380.57. I followed these instructions even used opendns servers for name resolution, but I have serious bandwidth throughput issues. Can’t play any videos at all they are too choppy. My speed test from either google or ookla show 7 MB down while VPN is turned on, when VPN turned off it’s 45 MBps.

If I connect using client on laptop or mobile device bandwidth test is the close; 40Mbps with VPN on vs 44 Mbps with VPN off.Streaming works fine from laptop.

My set top box does not support the android version of the vypr client, what could I be missing? (FireTV and FireStick) Do I just need to root these guys?

Hey @pyhoff,

It looks like you’re noticing a difference in speed between your router and your computer in terms of speed on our VPN. Please be aware that because you are shifting the burden of encryption from a desktop processor to a router processor, you will see a significant reduction in speeds. This is a limitation of the processor on your router. If you need faster speeds, we recommend that you use the client for this. Our service does not throttle or otherwise limit speeds.

Customer Support

Just published a detailed, step-by-step guide for VyprVPN on Asus routers (AsusWRT firmware).

See here:

yup, I also experience an IP leak sometimes. Usually on a day time.

Hey @HB101,

If you are not seeing your ISP’s name associated with any of the DNS servers or IP addresses the site returns, then you do not have a leak. If you do, then you may have a DNS or IP leak and we can further assist with that to the best of our ability. If that’s the case, please feel free to contact us directly with the details and we will investigate.


Support Team

A few times, it leaked my ISP’s name and gave my original IP on ipleak checker.

Hey @HB101,

Sorry to hear that. Please go ahead and email us with the details using the link I supplied above, including any screenshots of your results, so we can take a closer look at what is occurring.


Support Team

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Thanks a lot. I will do. Is there any dedicated Ip setup that I can use to run netflix US?

Hey @HB101,

You can set up a dedicated IP address via our VyprVPN Cloud service. We offer more about VyprVPN Cloud and how to configure it from this link.


Support Team

Hey there,

Great question you got there.

When connecting your VPN to a router, you would need to follow a few basic rules to set it up.

It’s not too hard, naturally and you can follow this instructional piece.

openvpn-http proxy use?

I also have a problem with the router.


I understand you are looking for the OPenvpn settings for ASus routers. We provide instructions for Asus routers supporting Openvpn at the following link:

There is a link for installing the OVPN files included.


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