Netflix is blocking vypr vpn

I am using vypr vpn in Australia. I have an American Netflix Account. They are blocking my content saying that I am using an unblocker or proxy. Please help. Thanks. If I can’t watch Netflix the service isn’t useful for me. I already lost Hulu to the same issue.


VyprVPN can be a very useful tool in accessing websites and apps, such as Netflix, that are geo-blocked to a certain country or region.

However, there will be times when some services will state that you are out of the service area even while connected to an appropriate VPN server.

There are many different reasons for these issues, some of which might be resolved using the following steps:

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee streaming services will work.

There can be some factors in play on the provider’s end that may prevent access to their service while on a VPN.

If the website still states you are not in the service area after performing the above steps, you will need to contact the service provider for further assistance.

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Thank you for your quick reply. This is not an issue of being outside the service area. Netflix is clearly aware that I am using the service and is actively blocking it. I won’t go through and log out of everything on my phone and change my time zone and jump through all kind of crazy hoops I would like it to work as designed. I don’t know if I have to contact customer service instead of the forums but at this point if there isn’t a resolution I should get my money back since I’m no longer receiving any portion of what I am using the service to do.

Thank you,

Hello Danielle,

We apologize for the frustration this issue is causing.

While we are aware of Netflix’s statements about their cracking down on proxies/vpn/unblockers, we have not seen a lot of our users being affected by it.

At this time I would like to have you attempt the steps that I provided for you above and if it does not resolve the issue I would like to have you e-mail us directly on the following e-mail address:

If you do need to contact us with the above e-mail address please reference this forum post and ask to have the ticket escalated.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Golden Frog Support

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