Netgear R8000 flashed with tomato... now stuck

Hey everyone, I think Im in over my head here…
newbie to flashing routers…
my router is a netgear R8000.
I have flashed it with tomato 138 build (although my version on the router settings page says 128).
based on my understanding thats all that was necessary to get it to accept the commands that the VYPR site gives here ( )
when I put these commands into the command line I get the errors below:

I noticed on the tomato site ( ) it gives options for a VPN download alongside the initial and AIO firmware… should I somehow add this to the router? Im having trouble finding instructions beyond getting tomato on the router and VYPR support seems resistant to help me get this resolved saying “its a tomato firmware issue”… im getting frustrated here…

If anyone is able to help me that’d be amazing. Are there settings that I should have somewhere in tomato to allow the VYPR commands to work? I didnt change any settings after I flashed the router except the ip address so that I could get it to connect to the internet.
thanks in advance!