New user trying to connect

I am having issues when I select ‘Fastest Server’. When I click the connect icon in blue that says “Connect Fastest Server”, nothing happens. When I connect to a random server, like Austin Texas, using Open VPN, it will connect slowly. I want to use the Chameleon for best security, but it seems to just hang there and not connect. I am using Windows 10 Home, 64-bit and want to get tips on how to configure my VPN software so when I use torrents or just the internet in general, I will retain high speeds close to or the same as when I am not using a VPN. I appreciate all the help ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. i am trying to decide if this is worth paying for before I fork over money.

Hey @JV_Waters I show that you have submitted a ticket about those issues. Let’s relegate troubleshooting to that ticket.

Golden Frog Support