New "VyprVPN Router App" now available for testing!

Ok. It says it installed properly this time, but it is still just chilling at the Waiting For screen and it has 6 instances running again.
Here is the ps comand results

3 root         0 SW<  [ksoftirqd/0]
4 root         0 SW<  [events/0]
5 root         0 SW<  [khelper]

21 root 0 SW< [kblockd/0]
24 root 0 SW< [khubd]
56 root 0 SW [pdflush]
57 root 0 SW [pdflush]
58 root 0 SW< [kswapd0]
59 root 0 SW< [aio/0]
101 root 0 SW< [mtdblockd]
309 root 644 S hotplug2 --persistent --no-coldplug
350 root 1336 S buttons
351 root 1272 S console
352 root 1596 S /bin/sh
354 root 1588 S syslogd -L -s 50 -b 1
357 root 1588 S klogd
396 root 0 SW< [kmmcd]
504 root 0 SW< [scsi_eh_0]
505 root 0 SW< [usb-storage]
1110 root 1592 R telnetd -p 23
1127 root 1096 S dropbear -p 22 -a
1164 root 1016 S eapd
1167 root 1160 S nas
1206 root 1608 S crond -l 9
1214 root 960 S rstats
1220 root 1228 S cstats
9161 root 1544 S pppd file /tmp/ppp/wanoptions
9162 root 1340 S redial
11551 nobody 1100 S dnsmasq -c 1500 --log-async
11892 root 904 S miniupnpd -f /etc/upnp/config
14214 root 1608 S -sh
14856 root 2740 S httpd
14858 root 4380 S /tmp/var/vyprvpn/vyprvpn
14859 root 4380 S /tmp/var/vyprvpn/vyprvpn
14860 root 4380 S /tmp/var/vyprvpn/vyprvpn
14891 root 4380 S /tmp/var/vyprvpn/vyprvpn
14894 root 4380 S /tmp/var/vyprvpn/vyprvpn
14899 root 4380 S /tmp/var/vyprvpn/vyprvpn
15407 root 1592 R ps

@jason_siegmund: Reboot your router – I think something has gone wrong on you. I’m confident that the N66U works – I’ve been using it all day.

Let me know if a reboot works for you.


Negative. In fact, the vyprvpn menu area completely disappeared. I believe you have been. This is really odd. I cleared the NVRAM while installing tomato so I know no old settings or data is messing with it. I am at a loss. Do you guys have a removal script so I can try a fresh install, or should I reflash and retry that way?

Wait a sec. Tried a reboot from the command line instead of pushing the GUI button, shouldnt be a difference, but this time, it says its downloading the package from your website. Crosses Fingers

Nevermind. Same result.

To completely remove VyprVPN, you can do this command either at the Tools -> System Commands window or from a telnet prompt:

for v in `nvram show |grep vyprvpn | cut -f 1 -d=`; do nvram unset $v; done; nvram commit

Mind the back-ticks here too.

After that runs, reboot the router. You should boot up with your Tomato install sans Vypr. I’m testing this wiping right now – I’ll let you know if something went awry.

FYI: We’re going to try and get 0.2.1 out to you guys tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest with a fix to the rendering for @violator and a fix to the routing issue for everybody.


Which RT-N66U build are you using? There are 2 different AIO builds on the site for download. That might solve this issue? or maybe it is user error.

This removal technique worked for me. :slight_smile: Please let me know if your milage varies.

Ok. It seems to have done something odd, because I did not reboot, I refreshed, and now I can log in. Odd, no?

This is my version string:

Tomato v1.28.0000 MIPSR2-117 K26 USB AIO-64K

I did not flash this router - I had the primary developer on the project flash it for me so I could help with the troubleshooting on the routing issue. I’m going to guess she did the K26RT-N version and not the K26RT-AC version. Which one are you using, and would you mind trying the other one to see if that makes a difference?


@jason_siegmund: It sounds like you had something funky going on with the nvram settings. That’s good to know that you were able to get it working. Go ahead and give the device a reboot anyway to make sure that it will work post-reboot.


1.28.0000 MIPSR2-117 K26 USB AIO-64K - Looks like the same version, but your menus appear different than mine as far as colors. Colors would not make that huge of a difference. Sure, Ill try to flash the AC version if you’d like, but as soon as I ran that line you sent, I was able to connect. It does not make any sense. It did However start a new vyprvpn instance.

If you’re able to work now, don’t reflash. There must have been something funky going on with your NVRAM.

UPDATE: I thought we fixed the issue with routing – but the 0.2.1 that we may push to you all tonight will NOT fix that issue. The good news is I now know exactly what triggers it to break, and we can now target a fix. Ideally late tomorrow night we’ll have a fix out for that. 0.2.1 WILL bring the fix for @violaters and his rendering issue.


Don’t jump up and down too soon. As soon as I rebooted, it was gone. That was expected. But, I tried running the script again, and we are back to the same place we were before.

Only works if I issue your uninstall command. And only for that boot. Let me reflash and clear my NVRAM again.

UPDATE: Reflashed, reinstalled the script, let it run and we are back to the same point. NVRAM was cleared upon reflash of the firmware, so I am at a loss.

I am done experimenting until there is a suggestion to fix this, as I have tried everything I could.
Thanks for the help. Im gonna keep running your uninstall command until something is figured out. At least I can connect that way.

ONE MORE PIECE… I know i am most likely alone on this, but the custom firmware worked, this seems as if it might be a pain in the Yeah to get working for everyone. It reminds me of a competitors dd-wrt app. When it works, its fantastic, but when it doesnt, you want to punt the router. Just 2 cents from this POV.

@jason_siegmund: That’s very strange, and I understand the frustration it’s causing you. If you’re talking about the problem of being told the VyprVPN Manager is currently working…, then yes we should have a fix for that soon. I wanted to get it out last night/this morning, but getting sick got in my way unfortunately. I believe we are ready to go with this fix, but are currently trying to squash the routing bug too. So if your work around works for you for now, please continue to do that until we come out with our update on these two issues.

I appreciate that the VyprVPN Router Firmware worked well for you, and it does certainly allow us to do things at a low level to make things work well. The reason we are switching to this mode is to enable us to more easily support more routers and provide more functionality on the VPN side of things without having to worry about maintaining the base firmware. Maintaining the base firmware was more significant of an effort than we first expected.

We’ve got a lot going on internally in terms of software and product development, and a VyprVPN Router Firmware is not off the table – but we’re looking at more options than Tomato and better, but still affordable, hardware than the current set of consumer devices.

Again, I appreciate your testing this with us! The few of you who are active here keep us energized and motivate us more than you know!


FYI: I just got word that the lead developer has a fix for the routing issue – Router App 0.2.1 is coming very soon!


Just wanted to let you know, I rebooted and reinstalled today and it seems that pain in the yeah bug was fixed. Can login and everything. Gona test connection rules to see if they work in here.
thanks for the fast fix for all of us

@jason_siegmund I’m glad to hear you are no longer having that pain in the ahem problem! Please let us know any further observations.


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@mikedoug …just curious…how far out does it look for the ARM compiled version.would like to grab the Asus unit when its on sale…:slight_smile: eta is fine not looking for anything in stone.

@jfranconi No holding my feet to the fire if something else happens and my off the wall guestimate doesn’t come true – but if I were a guessing man, I’d say we’re looking at 2-3 weeks. We currently have Chameleon and fixing the IE issue ahead of ARM – but I don’t envision any of those three things taking terribly long.

I’ve not yet taken Shibby’s ARM build for the AC1900s and used it yet – this timeline hinges greatly on whether or not Tomato functions properly. If there are problems with the core Tomato on ARM, that can greatly impact any estimate.

I hope that helps.


Great! Thanks! Looking forward to it and testing it. My router should be here later this week so will load the ARM shibby build to test for stability etc.