New VyprVPN Router App Version 0.7.0 - Production Release

Hi, I’m using the Router VPN app now since a few month here in China. I general it works fine. There is just one thing I want to highlight as a User located in China. Sometimes I was wondering why I couldn’t open the VYPRVPN setting page on my router or it took really long. First I thought there is an issue with my router. After some time I figured out that the reason are the Sylesheets which are used for the design of the Router APP.

rel=“stylesheet” href="**//**family=Open+Sans:300,400,700">""

Google is blocked in China so if I’m accessing my router from a device where I’m not on VPN it will not load the page or it takes ages to do so.
Please consider this in the design of the next version of your App.

Would be also great if you would have a second server for the installation of the app since your website is also not reachable from China. I had to setup a PPTP VPN connection with Standard tomato first in order to install your Router APP.

Other than that it works fine most of the time.


Hi there, I just installed the app on my Tomato Shibby R7000 router, but when I go to any of the pages that are installed (which was stated to be successfull) just get a blank page.

Any suggestions on what the problem might be?


Hello @Richard_Stubbington,

For clarification, are you unable to access any portion of the Tomato firmware after installing the VyprVPN Router application, or just content directly related to VyprVPN?

Does the issue persist after conducting a powercycle of the device?
Does this issue occur using multiple browsers? (If applicable)

Thank you for your feedback!


Thanks for your post

how proud can be VyprVPN by having an app developed in 2015!!! 6 years ago
Perhaps VyprVPN still did not realized that the routers in 2015 have nothing to do with the routers now… on the top of this Tomato is not supported since 2017