No access to local network

I’ve installed VyprVPN on a MXIII-GII Android TV BOX, and the VPN is working perfectly. But, when the VPN is active, there is no access to the local network and the TV-Box can´t connect to the NAS where movies and musik are located.
If I switch the VPN off, everything works fine.
Is there something wrong in my configuration?

Thank´s for your help

Hello, @Tommy

The best way to avoid this complication would be ensuring your NAS is connected to the same network as your TV Box. The easiest way to accomplish this would be setting up a router configuration, and then connecting both devices to the same tunneled network.

You will find several different router configurations on our manual connections page:

If your router is compatible with Tomato, we would definitely recommend checking out our router app here:

Golden Frog Technical Support

Hi Logan,

thanks for your quick reply. Sure, you are right, the easiest way is to run VPN over the router. But the problem is that my router (AVM Fritzbox) don´t support this.
So I need to know how I can use the android-client on the TV-Box without loosing the connection to my Lan.

Best regards

Hello @Tommy,

Currently our VyprVPN for Android app does not have the functionality to allow access to devices on your LAN. Thus what you are experiencing is expected. We are looking to bring this feature to our Android app in the future.

Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendations for you at this time that would allow you to achieve accessing your LAN devices from your Android TV Box while connected to VyprVPN.

Best Regards,
Golden Frog Support

Hi Samuel,

thank´s for your honest answer. So I can stop, playing around with the configuration of the client and my network and wait for an update of the Android.client which hopefully solve this problem.

Best regards

Thanks for the suggestion its really helpful.