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Hi there,

I signed up for VyprVPN a while ago, a couple of weeks later both UK and US Netflix got wise and stopped working and has never worked. The BBC seems to work okay, but as it’s the only overseas thing that does, I’m thinking of cancelling here and trying another service as problems just don’t seem to get sorted. Is there any likelihood of these issues being sorted soon?

Hello, @BigNick

I am sorry to read that you are experiencing some issues with accessing streaming media services while connected to VyprVPN. Sites that offer media content that is restricted to a certain region may fail to load, stating you are outside of the service area, for many reasons even while connected to a server in that country. Here is a blog post that summarizes the issue:

There are several steps you can take that may fix this issue. If you are interested in troubleshooting, see our help center article:

Step #4 in particular is what most people will see success with.

I hope this helps!

Golden Frog Technical Support

Hey @BigNick,

Maybe you should try a combination of VyprVPN together with TOR?

That might fix the problem.

And anyhow, I suggest you run a leak test to make sure your IP isn’t shared with anyone.