Not great with Linux

New user of VyprVPN but long term Linux user. Previously with another provider. Some observations:
You really need a Linux GUI. Under Linux so far the problems I have had are.
No autostart, if I try to set that up it kills other things, like the internet completely.
No kill switch, a few times now the VPN has dropped and left me open - not great.
Half a service, because of no GUI i don’t have the same level of service. If I want to switch servers quickly, I can’t, I have to set up Network manager for EVERY SINGLE SERVER…
I knew there was no Linux GUI from the start but didn’t appreciate what a pain it was going to be with this particular service. I am well within my 30 day money back time period and have pretty much made my mind up to do so.

As it stands I don’t think I could recommend VyprVPN to Linux users. Really IMHO given you have the app for Android the lack of a Linux GUI is down to laziness or not wanting to support Linux.

If you won’t support me, I won’t support you.

Hey, thanks for the feedback here.

We’re interested in adding a GUI for Linux in the future, but we don’t have any current plans for that.

I know it’s not quite what you’re looking for, but in case this might be useful to you, we offer a CLI for Linux -

Funny that because having requested a full refund I was just informed you are working on a GUI for Linux, so which is it? I have already tried the CLi and it is a crippled mess.

It’s not one of the more expensive services, openvpn has GUIs available- you you should be able to import all of That being said, some of the more expensive providers do have better Linux clients.

Apologies for any confusion - we don’t have any plans to implement a GUI for Linux, but it is something we’d like to work on in the future.